Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Father badly beaten after trying to protect daughter at Valleyfair

Six men remain in the Scott County jail following what police call a brutal assault on a father trying to protect his daughter.

Shakopee police say as the crowd was leaving Valleyfair Amusement Park around midnight on the 4th of July, the victim's daughter was confronted by two men.

"The 12-year-old daughter was either touched or slapped in the buttocks area," Scott County Attorney Patrick Ciliberto said. "The father confronted (the men) by yelling at them for what they had done to his daughter," he added.

Police say the two men called their friends, who were also in the park. The group of seven men and a juvenile then confronted the father.

"They beat him to the ground and then, the evidence that we have, when he was on the ground, they used their feet on him. They were kicking him in the face when he was down," Ciliberto said.

According to the criminal complaints, the men were stomping on the 41-year-old father as he lay on the ground, unconscious.

He suffered severe head injuries, including a fractured right orbital bone and possible subdural bleeding on the brain. "We don't know if there are permanent injuries yet," the County Attorney said.

Shakopee Police found the suspects in the parking lot. Seven of them were arrested and one man ran from the scene and police are still looking for him. Of the seven taken into custody, one was a 14-year-old.

The six adults charged and held in jail are Devondre Evans-Lewis, Andrew Shannon, Darris Evans, Terry Arnold, Derry Evans, and Anthony Gildersleeve.

The Scott County Attorney says several of the men have criminal histories and they are all from the Twin Cities metro area. They range in age from 18 to 22-years-old.

All six adults have been charged with 3rd degree felony assault causing substantial bodily harm.

Absolutely tragic. While the father may make a complete recovery, it's not likely. He's sure to have some brain damage after this. For him to wind up this way as a result of defending his daughter . . . then to be attacked in front of his daughter . . . makes it all the more despicable. What a bunch of low life coward dirtbags. So, two wasn't enough?

My heart goes out to this family. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Four things. One, never get into a confrontation like this. I don't blame the dad at all. In the heat of a situation, I would certainly defend my little girl. In today's world, however, one should think twice.

Two. 3rd degree felony assault? Are you kidding me?! When are we going to change this? When a group of men continue to assault a person by STOMPING ON THIER HEAD after they've passed out, that's attempted murder.

Three. Think this qualifies as a hate crime? If not, why not?

Four, concealed carry anyone?

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