Monday, July 28, 2008

Well, now . . .

From USAToday:

Obama was ahead 47%-44% among registered voters, down from a 6-percentage point lead he had last month. McCain led 49%-45% among likely voters, reversing a 5-point Obama lead among that group. In both cases, the margin of error is +/—4 points.

the whole article is here.

The one thing about NObama's trip . . . the public has a short memory for these things. That and the trip didn't shore up anything for anyone anyway. Except that he's all about the photo op. His not visiting the wounded soldiers will likely have a little more staying power than anything else that came out of the trip . . . which was nothing, really.

There's still plenty of time for NObama to stick is foot in his mouth. . . repeatedly.

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