Monday, July 14, 2008

Next Food Network Star

Kelsi is gone. There is essentially no more good reason to continue to watch the show. I can't stand Lisa. Her hyper-ness, her haircut, her CONSTANT crying, all annoy me. There are enough hoidy toidies on food TV, we don't need another one. Adam is funny but can't cook. And Aaron looks lost when he has to do two things at once. Though, at this point, he would be my choice. I really thought Kesli was a natural. And given the choice between training for personality and training for a few extra cooking skills, Kelsi had everything one would want in a TV personality. She made some mistakes during the throwdown challenge but I didn't think it would cost her chance to move on.

Cute, sweet, little Kelsi is gone. I think I'm gonna cry.

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