Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

So, Christina held out over Petrozza to win the big prize . . . Gordon's new executive chef at the London in L.A.. A young girl out of culinary school against a seasoned vet. She was half his age. I think that helped. At 47, I'm not sure what new tricks Petrozza could learn . . . and how long he could last. Christina was a good chef, no doubt. But I think age was on the side. Age and a slight hint of "bitch". The kind that can be useful, and for her, enough to keep people thinking she's just another pretty blonde.

Still, a tough decision. It's gotta be hard to get that close and not be chosen. But, Petrozza seems like he'll survive. I thought Cory had a chance for a while. She tanked at the service station, though. Early on I thought it was Bobby's to lose. He tuned out to be rather dimensional. Jen was waaaaaaaay to much of a baby, selfish, and a bitch to be considered. Too bad, really. She had some skills. Personality wasn't one of them.

Let's see . . . I've still got the Next Food Network Star, Legally Blonde, the Musical, and America's Got Talent. So I'm good.


Silent E said...

I watched this for the first time last night and was going to post about it today. Not because of who won but because I found it fascinating that Hell's Kitchen has more words bleeped out than Ice Road Truckers. My new descriptive phrase is..."He's got a mouth like a chef."
That show gave the language of the truck driver new meaning!!!
HOLY F**K!!!!!!!!!

jimi5150 said...


"He went all Gordon Ramsay on him!"