Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favre, the mama of drama

I try to with hold final opinion of things until I hear from both sides. I know I stated that I'm in the "move on" camp, but I've also stated that I wanted to hear from Favre. Well, we have.

Have I changed MY mind? As I said, I could go either way. It's too bad things have happened the way they have. On the one hand, Brett has simply been looking out for the team . . . wanting a Superbowl win. What's wrong with that? Is Ted so egotistical that he can't take some advice from a guy who not only personifies the game, is one of the best that ever played, and who knows a thing or two about football? Not to mention the Packers?

On the other hand, if he takes Favre's advice then he might as well take advice from other players as well. I don't think it's a bad thing to have a simple rule of "no player involvement in personnel decisions". It would be chaos otherwise. Plus, Thompson has done a pretty good job. As has McCarthy. Does anyone think he was a bad choice now? Would you prefer Mariucci?

Here's the one real concern I have . . . the team. What would bringing Brett back do to the psyche of the team? Would they care? Would it piss them off? I gotta believe Rodgers would be pissed. And maybe that shouldn't matter. But, for me, I need the team dynamic to be intact. I would want everyone happy with a Favre return. I can't imagine they wouldn't be, but who knows?

If I could be assured that the team is fully behind the decision, that Rodgers will wait another year, then I would be OK with Brett returning. But . . .

That makes me verrrrrrrrry nervous. As much as others are nervous about Rodgers starting for the team, I'm nervous about a Favre return. It ain't automatic he would pick up where he left off. At least with Aaron, you know there might be some stumbling blocks. With Brett, I expect Superbowl. Otherwise, as I've said, it ain't worth it.

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