Thursday, July 24, 2008

I really want to be a teacher!

Actually, I do . . . and always have. I've done some. Guitar, drums, photography, and video production. All either privately, at a tech school, and at MPS. I've always enjoyed teaching. I've been hesitant to go after certification simply because of the state of our society today. But, who knows?

Anyway, between the bennies, pension, and summers off, there's now another possible reason to try and become a teacher:

Schools eye four-day week to cut fuel costs

The entire article is here.

I think it's interesting that one solution is just to eliminate busing all together. To me, it's one of those parental responsibilities. I understand every situation is different, but if one decides they have to live way out in the country then they'd better be able to cart their kids to school. Harsh? I know.

Also, there's no mention of better conservation in the buildings. Maybe it's been done to its extent, but is shutting down a full day a week the ONLY answer?

Interestingly, the end of the article reports better attendance and improved performance by the students. That's a plus, of course. But, are they on par with the rest of the districts?

Of course, for the teachers . . . THIS IS GOLDEN! No mention of pay or benefit cuts. Oh no. I'm sure everything is the same. Same pay for less work. Nice.

I wanna be a teacher!

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