Thursday, October 16, 2008

ACORN et al

Say what you will about ACORN. That the organization itself isn't shady and is just trying to do good. Or that all of these improprieties won't actually lead to voter fraud. Or that this is just the work of a few misguided souls . . . the fact is, when ever we hear about fraud and cheating it's always by democrats.

What's more, the right gets blamed for disenfranchising voters, but there's never any proof of that. After the last presidential election the claim in one Florida county was "tens of thousands disenfranchised". In a county of about 90,000 voters. That's just ridiculous. Never any proof.

In Ohio, the secretary of state is withholding 200,000 registrations because of discrepancies. About a third of new registrations this year. Registrations that were likely gathered and possibly made fraudulent by ACORN. Now, those 200,000, even if valid, might have to cast provision ballots. Who's doing the disenfranchising?

Let's not forget who started all of this . . . Al Gore. The voting was over. It was official. Bush won. But algore had to challenge it in court thereby forever changing the way we look at elections and the election process.

Thanks, Al. And thank you Democrats. Glad you think cheating is the way to get your guy in office.

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