Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain vs Obama 3

McCain got the holeshot right off. But, at 289mph, he blew a head gasket. But, but, managed to coast to the finish.

I know there was all sorts of pressure on McCain to make a case out of NObama's past relationships. Perhaps what everyone didn't think of is that Nobama is as slippery as Bill Clinton. I didn't think it was going to work as I'm sure NObama was not only ready for it but also it gave him a chance to simply lie, partially or otherwise, stay calm and dismiss the issue.

What I liked about McCain . . .

He called in to question NObama's integrity about his campaign and spending.

The remark about not running against Bush. Finally.

Joe the plumber and spreading the wealth. Brilliant.

Generally . . .

McCain did a good job of calling out Obama's record on spending and taxes.

I thought John did a good job with energy. He stated that Obama said he would "look at" domestic drilling. I thought that was a great point.

I thought John did a good job with education. Though, some of this is simply what one wants to hear. John is right when he says you can't fund everything. But, that may not play well with many.

The abortion issue, which was actually a judge issue, was a toss up. Where ever you stand on this issue, that's where you went. The one thing John said that made sense to me, let it be a State issue, not a Federal issue.

I thought Obama took the healthcare issue. Not because I agree with him, but because it sounded better and was more specifically laid out. John spent a little too much time tying to debunk Obama's plan than hyping his own. It didn't work well.

The biggest thing is that McCain did a good job of reminding people that democrats are taxers and spenders. That could help him these last couple of weeks. Now that the ground work has been laid, McCain should pound Obama on his spending and tax plan. Forget everything else . . . almost. But, hit taxes hard.

As Brian Fraley said, it's not over.
Who won? Don't care. It didn't change anyone's mind. So, if you believe the polls, Obama still has a narrow lead. However, Dick Morris made a good point. There's the immediate reaction, and what one can build on from this. He pointed out what I stated before, that the ground work of tax and spend has been laid, and that there could be gains to be made.

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