Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hasselbeck unable to go deep

Elisabeth, that is. I feel sorry for her. She's really in a hostile environment on The View with both the other women on the show and most of the audience. Plus, she is just unable to articulate her point of view in a coherent and pointed fashion. She is not, by any measure, a mouthpiece for conservatives. She's in way over her head on the show. And, she's too nice. She really can't hold her own against the moronic statement Whoopi makes. Can you imagine what Ann Coulter would have said to Whoopi after she made the "Do I have to be afraid of slavery?" remark?

The View would be rather shallow without Elisabeth even with her shortcomings. Still, I'd love to see Coulter on the show. Even if she just guested every now and then. I don't watch it, except for clips from time to time, but I'd watch it if Ann were on.

Could you imagine?


Silent E said...

I would actually watch the show if Ann was on it.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone with respectable, conservative views gives Coulter the time of day is beyond me. The woman is a vicious, hate-mongering shrew, and she does more harm with her vitriolic diatribe than any left wing nut job could ever do. I agree, poor Elizabeth is in over her head, and not too articulate when dealing with the in-your-face liberalism displayed daily on that show, but maybe Ann Coulter would go away permamently if everyone just turned their backs on her.

Jean M, Oak Creek (I don't have an account, sorry, that's why it's listed as anonymous.)

Jimi5150 said...

No prob on anon . . . doesn't bother me.

As for Ann, many feel the same way about Whoopi . . . and formerly Rosie. I filter much of what Ann says. I agree she likely does more harm than good. But, she would be a perfect counterweight (might need two of her) to Whoopi and Joy. It would probably become very Springer-ish, but it would be fun to watch.