Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presidential Debate

My analysis?

They both sucked. Out loud.

I swear I'd vote for a Palin/Biden ticket right now.

I'll give McCain this . . . issues didn't come up, AT ALL, that allowed him to really go after Obama. Not that he would have succeeded, but the opportunities weren't there for him to even try.

McCain needs to take these issues by the balls and ram them down OUR throats. He needs to lie more. One area that Obama is winning is with lying. His ads are absolutely without merit. But, he's spewing what the lemmings want to hear. McCain needs to understand that a staunch conservative stand is what will win him the election. Govern in the middle once you're there. But campaign as a conservative. Lie, you idiot. His pussy footing around the middle is going to get him no where. Why does he suppose Palin is so well liked? The Maverick thing ain't working! McCain needs to go on the offensive and start painting an Obama world of ruin. Make HIM answer to charges. Make HIM backtrack and expose his flip flops. Make HIM look the younger less experienced one.

I said it. Obama can spew whatever he wants about the bailout no matter how remotely realistic. The lemmings lap it up. All of it.

But, hey! I'm rich!

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Silent E said...

No matter what he or Palin say, they're gonna be called racist......SCREW EM!!! I've been called worse and I ain't a politician. The racist claims are also without merit so they need to bring everything to the table. The press needs to report something and if the only thing they're saying is trashing Obama then they'll HAVE to report it. McCain is tossing this election...... Why can't pubbies campaign??? Sheeeesh.