Monday, October 06, 2008

Cyber Murderer Going To Tiral

The criminal case against Lori Drew, accused of helping to cyber-bully a St. Louis area teen who then killed herself, appears to be headed for a November trial date, court documents filed Monday suggest.

Drew's trial, originally scheduled for Oct. 7, was postponed Sept. 23 after U.S. District Judge George Wu raised new questions about the legal underpinnings of the case.

Drew's lawyer had challenged the law being used by federal prosecutors in Los Angeles – the first time that the law has been used to address cyber-bullying.

Prosecutors said Drew and others broke the law and violated MySpace's terms of service when they schemed in 2006 to humiliate Megan Meier, 13, a neighbor in Dardenne Prairie, using a fake teenage boy's identity on the social networking site.

Wu asked additional questions about the case at the Sept. 23 hearing.

In documents filed Monday to address Wu's concerns, federal prosecutors in Los Angeles indicated that both sides would soon file documents suggesting a new trial date of Nov. 18.

Drew's lawyer, H. Dean Steward, will also have an opportunity to weigh in before Wu makes his decision.

It's not for sure for sure . . . but it's looking good.

There's been all sorts of opinion on this case. Many believe the case is unfounded. That many of us are in violation of the law and that this could open a can of worms.

I don't believe that.

This case was specifically brought forth because there was no way to charge Drew with murder. Yet, her involvement and intentions were obvious. It was incredulous to many that Drew could get away with something as vile as what she did. Fact is, the prosecutors are going after her specifically because she's a low-life dirtbag. I doubt that if she's found guilty there'll be a glut of false identity cases brought forward. What may happen is that it will set a precedent for anyone else doing something similar. I couldn't find the article but a father of a kid was caught doing something similar. That's just pathetic.

Anyway, there are laws regarding income reporting yet people have rummage sales all the time. The relationship is not rummage sales and murder. It's rummage sales and filling out a myspace account using anonymous information. I don't feel we have anything to fear from this. Hopefully, Lori Drew does.

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