Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama is a rubber stamp

People like to use McCain's voting record as a barometer of his stance on issues. This is a little unfair as bills often contain many other provisions. So much so, that they often don't resemble their original intent. The bailout is a good example of this.

But, it's what we have to go on. After all, what a person does is more telling than what he says.

OK. Lets do that then.

Consider how terrible this congress has been. How disconnected Pelosi has been. What are we at? 9% approval? The worst ever? Even the recent bailout was largely a left and center vote. But, other issues such as global warming, The Patriot Act, immigration, taxes, school choice, universal healthcare, stem cell research, late term abortions, nanny state laws, and national security measures, the left has consistently been on the wrong side of the issue. Taking stances in spite of overwhelming public opinion to the contrary.

Now consider, Obama has voted 97% in line with the left. I know I've made this point before. But, let me take it a step further.

If elected, Obama will become a rubber stamp for Pelosi and her ilk.

Now are you scared?

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