Sunday, October 05, 2008

Packers vs Falcons

It's like a broken record . . . they played well, but lost.

3 TD's for Aaron. 313 yards. All with a sprained shoulder. I thought the one interception was a bad decision.

Grant's cataracts must have been corrected some. 87 yards. Not enough.

Who to blame? The refs. I know they can't see everything, but come on, when a lineman takes Kampman down by the arm it should be pretty obvious. Plus, the interference call was bogus. There were stupid penalties that came at bad times. That not any of them are good.

Also, kicking. The missed field goal hurt, and the punting was terrible.

Mostly, though, the defense didn't do enough to stop the Falcons. I thought the Falcons called a great game.

No surprise that Chicago won. That puts them on top of the division.

Next up, Seattle.


Silent E said...

I can't blame the refs for everything but what about that Michael Irvin moment that scored a TD for Atlanta??? Terrible non-call.... I also get tired of the flags that come out 20 minutes after the play is over... Sheesh.

Jimi5150 said...

Yeah, yeah . . . late flags drive me nuts. There should be a time limit. But, you're right. I really can't blame a game on the refs . . . except the Charger-Bronco game a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, another behavior I'd like to see flagged . . . receivers who jump up "throwing the flag" as though they're sure they've been interfered with. That should be unsportman-like conduct.