Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin vs Biden

Uma . . . Oprah.

Considering that expectations were low for Sarah, that she had had a bad week of interviews, and that Biden was considered Mr.Debatathon 8000, I thought Sarah did extremely well. So did Joe, actually. He didn't gaffe or go on, as was expected of him. In fact, I'll give him the foreign policy portion of the debate. He was much more versed on the issues than was Palin. Funny though that I disagree with some of his stances and what to do about its. McCain had the same mastery over Obama.

On virtually everything else, including poise and connection, I thought Sarah did real well. Of the two, she did the more forward talking while still getting some barbs in on Obama. Biden constantly railed on Bush to a point where I wonder if he knew George wasn't running. The point was, of course, to tie McCain to Bush . . . which some say he did.

Still, Sarah exhibited the same sort of "spunk" she did when first offered the job. She was refreshing. While I have to admit that Joe did very well, I thought Sarah did more "rising to the occasion" than did Joe. Thus I give the edge to her.

BTW, Gwen did an excellent job of moderating. Any fear she would show bias was completely unfounded.

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