Friday, October 03, 2008

Lose - Lose on the bail out

Lies and bribes. That's essentially what the new new version of the bailout is. Lies and bribes.

We've got politicians telling us that leading economists are urging government to take action. Not true.

What's more, there's still a good amount of public opposition to the bailout plan though the numbers have cooled. Opinions are split evenly 33-33-33 approximately.

Worse, though, are the bribes. Over 100 billion in pork spending used as bribes to get an already ill conceived plan passed through. It's disgusting.

This is the first time I've really been disappointed with Bush. As a conservative, he should oppose this and come up with a better plan. It's not really up to him, though. The bribery going on in the Senate is, to me, borderline treason. Certainly moronic, and, at least, irresponsible. How they can CHEER their "bipartisan victory" is beyond me.

The absolute worst thing, though . . . where's Mr. No Earmarks? Huuuuuh? How did Mr. No Earmarks For Me vote? For the bailout. Incredible. Incredulous. I'm beyond perplexed.

Once again, the liberal view is one of lies, double talk, hypocrisy, and non-reality. Obama can say whatever he wants and the lemmings will lap it up like dogs to food spilled from a dinner table.

I need to see what happens next. In light of Sarah's spectacular debate performance, I find myself in a tough spot. I'll never vote for Obama, and I'll likely vote for McCain. But, he's just made that a more difficult arrow to fill in with his vote.

McCain may lose the election as a result of his vote. I don't see how he can talk his way out of this.

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