Sunday, October 19, 2008

Packers vs Colts

Bottom line, the Packer DB's owned the Colts WR's. Each one caught only two passes the entire game! The Colts are very much a finesse team and up against a team like the Packers, who play very physical with the receivers, have problems. It didn't hurt that the Packers also provided a steady dose of pressure on Manning, though there weren't any sacks. But, between the pressure causing Manning to throw early and the disruption of the timing, Manning was frustrated and it showed.

Rodgers was efficient. Grant started to get some mojo back. The game, though, belongs to Rouse. Not only did he stay "at home" in coverage, he read Manning like a book with large type and moved on the pass beautifully to make the interception. Plus, he ran it all the way back, 99 yards, for a touchdown. I have to say, I was surprised at his speed.

4 and 3 and going in to the bye week. Beautiful.

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