Sunday, May 25, 2008


I stole the headline as I liked it so much. In addition to the hypocrisy often wielded by the left when it comes to energy use (cars, planes, homes) there's another commodity that hasn't been talked about much . . . water. It's strange enough that people would want to build homes in Phoenix but to then want a lawn? Of course, when you're a lefty elitist, you have to have the best looking lawn, or property. Never mind you could be in an area short on water. Here's more from TMZ:

Celine Dion must have some serious deposits to flush -- she's passing enough water in a Florida house to fill a 50-gallon bathtub ... every four minutes.

Here's how Celine's all wet: Utility records in South Florida show that a property owned by her company Renlec Management used 6.5 millllllion gallons of H20 last year. As the Palm Beach Post points out, most residential users in the same county use around 100,000 gallons of water per year -- so Celine uses about 65 times as much water as the little guy. (Her reps had no comment.)

And Dion isn't the only Martin County celeb whose water waste will go on, and on, and on: Tiger Woods, who's building a house on Jupiter Island, used about 300K gallons a month, mostly for landscaping and tree-planting, according to his peeps.

Back in Phoenix, most responsible developers use the surrounding natural landscape and incorporate that into the design of their properties. Even golf courses will use recycled water to aid in their needs.

But, not the elite. It's just water, right?

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