Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's bad, and then there's baaad.

I've been meaning to watch "Crank" for some time. Jason Statham seems like one of those "take no sh*t" kind of action guys that'd be fun to watch. Well, it was on last night on Showtime so I watched it.

It was bad. Really bad.

But I watched it through. As bad as it was there was something compelling about it. I did the same thing with "Shoot Em Up". A god awful movie. But I watched it through. Yet, I couldn't get past about 15 minutes of "Talladega Nights", and about the same amount of time of "Babel". Why?

I guess with action movies there are good guys and bad guys, and you want to see the bad guys get their butts kicked. That usually happens, If a movie is supposed to funny but is just moronic (as was/is the case of Talladega Nights) then I'm not compelled to watch. Babel was making little sense and had nothing to draw me in so, again, it was easy to turn off. With action movies, the action drives the movie. But, it better pay off, though. "Crank" was a bit weak at the end. I was a little disappointed.

Just another in a long line of movies I'm glad I didn't pay money to go see.

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