Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last time a bunch of us met at Papa's, the subject of technology and the internet came up. Specifically, who was using what, and just how useful is some of this stuff. You may have noticed that I tried Twitter for a bit. It's gone simply because I can't imagine anyone really needing to know what I'm doing at any given moment, and because it takes a bit of effort to constantly update it. I don't follow anyone's Twitter, for that matter. Most of you are boring.

It DOES take one to know one . . . I admit it!

Anyway, Digsby, Facebook, RSS, etc., were all discussed and their usefulness debated.

Well, I own Macs and use them at work. One thing that is useful (to me) is iChat. And with everyone at work on a Mac it's very easy to "chat" with other people at work. Of course, we don't use it to chat, but we do use it as a quick and easy way to communicate with each other. One can even pass files back and forth. It's very convenient.

I've also chatted with a friend of mine in Florida. While not quite as simple as talking on the phone it doesn't cost anything extra and it's kind of fun.

Well, my sister in Phoenix bought a MacBookPro recently. I told her to get a Mac account so we could chat. She did. The other night we hooked up. Thing is, the Mac laptops have an iSight camera (webcam) built in. We were able to video chat with each other! How cool is that? Very Jetson-esque. Now, I know this is nothing new but it was the first time I was able to video chat with someone else . . . with audio. It was very cool. For me and my sister it means being able to "visit" a little more often. Additionally, when my mom comes over to her house we can plan on video chatting so my mom can see her grand daughter more often.

I love technology!

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