Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook Wins

Well, I hope my intuition doesn't doesn't reflect on my football picks this season or I'm in trouble.

I DVR'd the final last night as I went to my daughter's piano recital. Sorry to the two or three of you that may have stopped by looking for the live blog. A few thoughts:

First, these are adult, individual styled singers. They are not The Kids From Wisconsin. All the group singing was horrible . . . and stupid. That said, what ever drugs Paula is on Amanda is on more of them. What was her deal? She blew chunks. Large chunks. So did Jason. Looking back now it's amazing either one made it to the finals.

The women did much better than the men. Again, there's no good reason to do group songs but the guys really sucked. Amanda was a joke . . . embarrassing, really. Could be she and Jason really didn't want to be there. Still, have some integrity with your singing.

I thought Michael and Carly did very well. In fact, I think it was choice of song that did Carly in. She's better than Syesha.

Archuleta sang better than the singer for One Republic did. Yow.

Brooke with Graham Nash was extremely cool. My second favorite performance.

My third favorite was Carrie Underwood. Man she can sing. Her outfit sucked, though. Kinda weird and skanky at the same time. She doesn't have to do that.

The two highlights of the night . . . David Cook and ZZ Top. That was not only cool but a great performance. And, of course, Cook winning. I have to admit, I'm really surprised. I feel he deserved to win, but there just seemed to be an awful lot of Archy supporters out there. It will be interesting to see what happens now for both Davids.

With the reported record amount of votes cast, did Simon's "knockout" comment rally the Cook troops? We know he was pulling for Cook. Was it a calculated comment? There no way to know but it is interesting. The momentum seemed to be in Archueta's favor.

His dad probably beat him with his belt.

So . . . now what? Well, wait for Cook's first CD. And . . . Hell's Kitchen!

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