Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Recently, recordings of conversations between Hulk's son Nick and his dad, and Nick and his mom have been released to the public. You'll recall, Nick was 16 and racing when he got in to an accident in Florida. He wasn't seriously hurt but his passenger, John Graziano, just recently home from the Iraq war, was. In fact, he remains in a vegetative state in the hospital and his injuries are likely permanent.

Since the accident, the entire Hogan family has been strangely distant about the incident. Part of this was understandable as Nick would be facing charges and possibly sent to jail. Still, little was said, and their actions didn't seem to be consistent with those who are remorseful.

In court, Nick WAS remorseful, and took responsibility for his actions. He got 8 months in jail. Two weeks in to his sentance and he's crying like a baby. CNN has a good story with the audio tapes here:

Nick Bollea's jailhouse tapes

I've watched "Hogan Knows Best". The Hulk struck me as a guy who cared for his family, would do anything for them, but constantly battled a gold digging wife who was more of a friend than a parent and who wanted, herself, to be cool. Nick struck me as completely spoiled, talentless, and an idiot. Lucky to have been born into the Hulk's clan. Brooke struck me as somewhat nicer, a little more talented, but riding on daddy's credit card coat tails non the less.

Well, I am about half right. If you listen to the audio you can't help but come away thinking what a bunch of shitbags they all are. Hogan and Nick talking about a reality show, Mama hulk thinking she's suffering more than John's mother, and Nick crying to get out. There's no remorse, no lessons learned, no responsibility. It's disgusting.

Clearly they didn't realize what they were saying would become public. I'm sure there are those who feel this violates some kind of right Nick has. Don't care. They been outed in the worst way possible . . . truthfully. In 8 months or less, Nick will walk out of jail and is certainly young enough to go on and live a long and fruitful life. Daddy will obviously see to that. Heaven forbid Nick should do anything for himself.

Mean while, John Graziano lies in a hospital bed brain damaged. His future is unknown but will likely require life long care.

It gets worse.

Just recently, Brooke got into an accident when a car veered in to her lane causing her to crash in to a wall. She and her passenger weren't hurt. She gives credit to her brother Nick for reminding her to fasten her seatbelt.

An egomaniac, a whore, an idiot, and a skank. Great family.

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