Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gulliani & Palin

Holy moses! These two didn't just rip Obama a new a-hole . . . they enlarged it, wallpapered it, and peppered it with McCain/Palin buttons!


Rudy is a good speaker. We all know that. And while he has his baggage, he still a guy who delivers a confident message. What many of us weren't so sure of, was Sarah's ability to deliver her message.

She did.

And some.

She was confident, funny, well spoken, and unafraid. She went after Obama right away. She answered her critics. She also showed her true maverick side. I loved the constant digs at Obama's "community organizer" cred. It reeeeealy made it look small, and goofy.

She and McCain truly represent change . . . bucking the washington machine, the washington country club politicians.

I thought she nailed it.


still Unreal... said...

" . . they enlarged it, wallpapered it, and peppered it with McCain/Palin buttons!"

Blatant shot at MRQ. ;-P

Jimi5150 said...


Anonymous said...


the woman with the special needs child cut special needs funding
the woman with the pregnant, unwed teen (and why no judgement there, Jimi? You've come down might hard on others in similar circumstances) cut funding for sex education

the woman carrying a Downs Syndrome Baby admitted flying while in premature labor because giving a speech was so much more important (anyone remember the speech or the event?) than making sure her baby wasn't in danger- this is the same woman who wants to tell all women what they should do with their pregnancies...

the woman who supposedly "ripped a new a-hole" conveniently forgot a few things- Obama sponsored or co-sponsored 90 bills in the Senate, three of which passed, and he was on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - when she said he had sponsored nothing and had no foreign relation experience.

Did you know Palin, as mayor of her small town of 6,000 hired a Washington lobbyist to bring that town more money than some entire states receive? As if Alaska, a state with no income tax, no sales tax, and no property tax if you live just outside the town line, fully funded by the US govt for its transportation infrastructure (even towns of 14 people have state of the art ferry docks complete with helipads), wasn't already receiving so much US govt money that every single citizen receives a US govt refund check every year...

This is a politically savvy woman who knows how to use her power, make no mistake. She's learned from the best up there in Alaska.

That's just what we need, more self-righteous holier-than-thou politicians willing to cut spending for social services for middle and low class families while telling them how they should live (despite not being able to provide good role models) and making sure their own are well taken care of.

Jimi5150 said...

She reduced the amount of increase the Covenant House GOT. Only liberals think of that as a cut.

As for her daughter . . . a 16 year old that defied her parents? Oooooh. That's front page news. Did she tell her daughter to have sex? Did she allow it as long as it was in her house? What a goofy thing to bring up.

I'll give Obama his due. I'll also admit that ads and claims about Obama are misleading. It happens on both sides. Not that that's an excuse. I'm simply willing to admit when the facts are wrong. I think what Palin was referring to, though, was any executive experience Obama had. Which is none. Oh, except for community organizer. Whatever that is. As for foreign policy experience . . . again. I'll give Obama his due. But, with regard to that issue . . . McCain slaughters him.

I suppose as Mayor of a city a person would govern differently than as a Governor of a state. Duh.

So, I guess Bill Clinton is a good role model? John Edwards? How about Ted Kennedy?

You are right about one thing, she IS just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Try to stay on the subject here. We're talking about the hypocrisy of two people- Sarah Palin and you. Try to stay on task here. We can tackle the other things at a different time if you want to debate further.

Someone who believes in cutting budgets shouldn't hire lobbyists to bring money to support a state that does not even try to support itself. Someone who believes in laws that will protect unborn babies from conception to birth shouldn't put her own high-risk baby in jeopardy. Someone who thinks abstinence is the only form of sex education should be able to show how well it prevents pregnancy. Someone who wants to tell people what they can and cannot do, how they should and should not live, should be doing everything within her power to help them achieve those goals, not reduce funding (line item vetoes, specifically targeting those things, for crying out loud) to make their lives harder.

Someone who refers to one teen mother as a "skank" among other nasty things, should apply the same judgement to other teen mothers. Defiant is what teenagers do best. What makes one of them deserving of your vicious comments and the other one not?

Try not to resort to name calling, faux swearing, or non sequitors when you respond.

Jimi5150 said...

With regard to the "skank" comment and flying issues . . . not smart, I agree.

As I said, governing as a mayor would be much different then governing as Governor. She has explained the budget question in that manner. I choose to believe her. Her actions since, have demonstrated that.

As for everything else, everyone has a set of ideals from which they campaign. Is there a "do as I say not as I do" thing going on? Maybe. The libs can't prove enacting all kinds of laws and regulations will really do anything about global warming. Yet, many accept it. It's what they believe. Are they all doing what they can to reduce emissions and conserve? Not likely. Do I find that hypocritical? Yes. But there are degrees for me. I think many a celebrity huge hypocrites. Al Gore, not so much. Though, it's fun to poke fun at him.

I actually don't get on politicians for changing their minds . . . if it's for a good reason. Things change. Circumstances change.

Faux swearing. Never heard that before.

Anyway, so you don't like Sarah. Good for you. You believe what you want, I'll believe the truth.

Just kidding.

Jimi5150 said...

A couple more things . . .

One area I tend to stay away from is voting records. It's used ALL the time, by the right and left. Truth is, there are often amendments and other things tacked on to bills that make them complete unacceptable. Their original intent is completely lost. I'm not saying that what happened with Palin, but it could be. I admit, I'm going on what i've heard and read. As I said, I believe her.

Second, it's interesting why we're having this discussion in the first place . . . because Sarah Palin governed. We simply can't have the same discussion about Obama.

Anonymous said...

Again, you sidestepped the argument about hypocrisy here. You didn't answer my question about why you were so vicious about one pregnant teen and not this one.

This is what most voters do- they side with one candidate, one party, overlook a lot of things, and point fingers at the other side. When challenged on their "beliefs" they cry foul, point quickly in other directions (especially past issues not relevant to the argument), and they don't step up to the plate and debate.

Personally I think Sarah Palin is a very smart, very savvy, very capable politician. Right now, I also think she's a hypoocrite and I think a McCain-Palin ticket would be far more damaging to this already divisive country than the other side. I thought she was extremely polarizing the other night.

Truth is based on fact, my friend, not belief. And we don't have all the facts yet. You obviously have known even before McCain picked her you were voting Republican. I prefer to make up my own mind- haven't yet, though I admit I am leaning to the Democrats right now- and my vote will be based on the facts.

Jimi5150 said...

You're right, I am voting republican, and I think your assessment is fair about finger pointing and such. We could spend a lot of time dissecting everything Obama has said and my guess is in spite of some . . . skewing, you'd side with him. That's what happens. I'm OK with that.

As for comparing Jamie Lynn to Bristol . . . Jamie Lynn has a TV show and is a role model to MANY girls. She's embraced, put on magazine covers, to the scrutiny of no one. My over all opinion of the Spears is pretty low to begin with. I don't start from that level with Palin. Does that make it OK? No. I'll admit I think Bristol's pregnancy might be a mistake . . . but Jamie's is a result of her being a slut. Hypocritical? Yes. But, on the one hand we're talking about Sarah Palin . . . with a pregnant 16 year old . . . on the other hand we're talking about a 16 year old TV icon . . . who got pregnant. Maybe Bristol's a slut. But that's not the issue. The issue is Sarah Palin. In Lynn's case, it's about her. Hypocritical? Maybe. Different measure? Yes.

Facts, yes. Again, we could uncover all kinds of things about Obama's past, dealings, and associations that don't put him in a good light. There is more than just facts. I like McCain and Palin more than I like Obama and Biden. I know about McCain. Sarah isn't running against Obama. Yes, there's more to know. But what I do know so far, I like.

Fun, though. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, still no real debate there. Ok, if that's the best you're going to do, fine.

TV icon?? Seriously? You have some pretty weird ideas of role models. Bristol is going to be splashed all over, and I think there will be a lot of Republican families out there cringing at the role model this family is handing them. If you can rise above that, go for it. But mark my words- if this team makes it into the White House, that birth will be celebrated publically big time.

Don't dare to presume what I could debate with you about another candidate. You haven't bothered to debate the issues I've raised.

Jimi5150 said...

Huh. Thought I addressed virtually everything. Sorry you don't see it that way.

But more to the point, so what? I actually try to be civil in my comments section when talking to people. I also understand there's often a middle point on many issues.

Plus, there's just no talking to some. I'm not going to "debate" something I know won't go anywhere.

Yes. TV icon. Jamie Lynn Spears is on a very popular TV show. I never said she was MY role model. I said she was A role model. In fact, I said to "many girls". That pretty much disqualifies me.

I don't doubt many republicans are cringing. But I doubt, highly, that the Palin's are "handing" Bristol over to anyone. In fact, I'm sure they dealt with this right away, head on, so as to put it behind them as quickly as possible. I don't know if it will work. If it doesn't, it won't because they or any other person on the right keeps it in the limelight. It will all come from the left.

What issues haven't I debated? The budget stuff, covered it. Maybe not to your satisfaction, but I did. Hypocrisy, covered it. Some Sarah off handed stuff, did that. Campaign skews, did that. I think I even covered the "faux swearing" issue . . . whatever that is.

As far as daring to debate . . . start your own blog and raise some issues. I'll be glad to visit.