Friday, September 26, 2008

Beating Stem Cells

Not only is the Obama ad about McCain's stance on stem cell research a ginormous lie, it seems an odd issue to bring up. After all, there have been virtually no advances in the area of ECSR. Partially because of abilities to make other cells act like embryonic cells, and all the advances being made in the area of adult stem cell research.

But, it's a way to scare people. So, the libs do it. Doesn't matter that it's a lie, or practically a moot issue . . . just throw it out there, lie, and make it seem like McCain is standing in the way of diabetes cure . . . and whatever else.

Problem is, if Obama is vying for the southern states, then he's not doing himself any favors. People are against therapeutic cloning as much as they are abortion. So, he's knocking on the wrong doors.

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