Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Packers vs Cowboys

I just watched a replay of the game. Over all, I thought the Packers did pretty well. Held up well against a good team . . . one that's expected to take the NFC. A few things go our way and it might have been a different outcome.

First, I guess I can't go a week without mentioning Aaron. Again, he did good.

You know, I like James Jones, he seems to have some talent, but he's gotta catch the ball! He has a lot of drops so far this year.

Jennings is wicked good. Number one in receiving yards . . . in the entire league!

I like the tandem of Jackson/Grant. It keeps the running game pounding with fresh feet every so often.

I said this at the begining of the year, for the Packers to have any success, they can't spare bodies . . . particularly on defense. We need Harris, Collins, and Bigby. Harris could be done for the season.

You'll recall, during pre-season, the Packers were blitzing a lot. What happened?

Packers go to Tampa Bay. A win-able game but wiley old quaterbacks always make me nervous. Griese played well, and the Bucs have a good defense. While I expected the Packer to lose against the Cowboys (in spite of my picks) I expect the Pack to beat the Bucs.

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