Thursday, September 04, 2008

The left lunatics

I got this from a blog at the Huffington Post. Everyone should visit this site and see just how the other side thinks. Be forwarned, though, it's frightening.

Anyway, a reader in response to a blogger supporting McCain/Palin wrote this:

All nastiness aside, as a McCain voter you are really saying you are fan of:
a) unregulated businesses like the mortgage industry
b) WAR (Irag, Iran, Russia in the cold variety)
c) torture
d) diminished american incomes
e) oil company subsidies
f) wealth 99% of US wealth in the hands of 1% of US citizens

or you are against:
a) wildlife conservation
b) outreach for the poor
c) community activism
d) government competence
e) the constitution
f) thoughtful diplomacy with the international community
g) finding Bin Laden and securing Afghanistan

These people think they're right on all of this. More intelligent people know otherwise, but this is the problem.

I really try not to be overly generalized in my views. I kid, I'm snarky, but the reality is that I know there's often a middle ground to many an issue. Having said that, let's have some fun with this.

In response to being for:

a) No. I'd much rather have businesses regulated to the point of death and that's where we're heading with a socialist like Obama.
b) (I love this one) No. But I am for someone with the stones to stand up to threat.
c) Actually, yes. Unless you'd rather sell secrets and put our armed forces at risk when at war.
d) No. But as long as we regulate businesses to death and allow anyone and their generation in to the country I'm not sure how anyone will fix this.
e) See a
f) There will always be class disparity. The only way to fix it is to educate and allow for opportunity. Every democrat speaker in their speech talked about how hard they worked to get where they are. Not one of them mentioned the cool government programs that helped them. That's actually a good lesson to be learned.

In response to being against:

a) I assume this has to do with domestic drilling. Funny how we're not concerned about wildlife when building acres of of solar and wind farms. Plus, the polar bear population has grown in the past couple of decades.
b) If you mean higher taxes for entitlement programs, yes. See "f" above.
c) If it means an empty suit like Obama can't use it as experience, yes, I'm against it.
d) Like the current congress? YES!
e) No. I'm against liberal judges, though.
f) Good luck with that.
g) You know we have troops in Afghanistan, right? The first thing we did after 911 was put a big hole where we thought Bin Laden was. Remember that?

The liberal mentality is one of idealism. Liberals don't deal in the real world. It often sounds good but it's wrong or unrealistic.

But, like a Juice-a-matic 9000, people buy in to it.

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