Monday, September 01, 2008

"Wanna Race?"

I told this story over at the Daily Scoff. As we just celebrated Harley's 105th, I think it's worth repeating.

My wife and I own a Honda Scooter. I forget the model but it was a size down from the Helix with a 250cc engine. At the larger end of the Scooter scale but small compared to most motorcycles. While it was a lot of fun, I never felt that comfortable on it. Now that we're parents, we don't use it. I'm all for donating organs. I just don't want to do it anytime soon.

Anyway, during Harley's 95th anniversary, I decided to be obnoxious and take the scooter out to see if I could heighten my asshole status.

It didn't take long.

While I was sitting at a red light, this babe pulls up beside me on the biggest Harley I've ever seen. She looks at me and I say to her the one thing that couldn't have made me look like a bigger dork:

"Wanna race?"

She laughed. Then blew me a kiss and left me eating her dust. Literally.

It was great. It also left me feeling a little impotent. So, I went home.

1 comment:

Silent E said...

Eating dust? Don't you mean chewing on chunks of oil and piston parts?