Monday, September 01, 2008

Palin vs Obama

If it's not babygate, it's Palin's experience that the left is now on about.

First, Palin isn't running against Obama. She isn't running for President. Because she has some executive experience, I think she'll make a fine VP. Not to make light, but the VP position can go rather unnoticed. Plus, she'll be one of many in the administration.

But, for the sake of argument, let's say we agree she doesn't have the experience to become VP. Then one can hardly make the case that Obama is experienced enough to be President. Senator? Lawyer? Community leader (whatever that means)? There was a time when people thought Shrillary wasn't experienced enough to be President. Obama's creds are much less than Hiltlery's.

What this is, is reaching. No, actually, it's shitting a brick. The Dems are in turmoil. They thought after the cozying up Hillary would do at the convention there'd be this huge jump, this huge wave they could ride to the elections. Well, McCain didn't just take a pin to their balloon, he took a Colt .45 to it.

What I can't wait for . . . are the debates. McCain vs Obama and Palin vs Biden. Maybe the election will be close. But these debates won't be. McCain and Palin both should chew them up.

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