Friday, September 05, 2008

My birthday is coming up

I decided to register for gifts for my birthday. I figure it will make shopping for me easier. I chose two places. The first:


The second:

Hammacher Schlemmer.

There are two items I really want.

The complete Swiss Army Knife

This baby goes for a mere $1500. Nice. A bit much for the pocket, but talk about a tool Tim Allen would love.

14 mph Cooler

This thing is a steal at $500. All those walks to . . . where ever . . . hauling your cooler? This is perfect for me and my back problems. Plus, I'd be the first one there. I could help reserve a spot! There's also a seat that fits to the top.

So, there ya go. You've got a month yet. So, take a collection, pool the money, and order away. Believe it or not, HS is sold out of the Swiss Army WMD! So, order now!

And there's always ATM.


J. Gravelle said...

I'll match the other donations dollar-for-dollar, up to the first dollar.

I want to buy Al Gore one, too... a cooler that creates global warming.

His head would explode...


Jimi5150 said...

Yeah, right. You still owe me a carp!