Monday, September 08, 2008

Packers 24 - Vikings 19

Are You Ready For Some Football!

First off . . .




Yes, I realize I often scold such behavior as childish, rude, and un-sportsman-like.

Tough. It's the trash talking, spend millions to beat the Packers, think they're just gonna walk in and beat us Viqueens.

OWNED! 0 and 5!

How many times did we hear Jared Allens name?

Zip. Nada. Zero. None. Not at all.

We blew a hole in their line so big, Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell could have run through it hand in hand.

OK. It was ugly. The penalties! Crimeny! Especially to have such a beautiful touchdown called back. Laps and push ups, guys. Laps and push ups.

While I thought McCarthy called a pretty good game over all, not throwing a pass on first down on their second to last possession was playing to lose. Also, if you're going to throw a quick out to a receiver, bring someone in motion to take the DB out!

Rodgers had a good game. 18/22 for 178 yards. No interceptions, a great toss for a touchdown, no sacks, and s few nice runs. He never once looked like a rookie. I thought he handled the game very well.

Barnett, Hawk, and Popinga. You're gonna hear a lot from these guys. Maybe the best linebacking trio in football.

Bigby. Go to the board and write: "I will not try and make a play when the game is won" 100,000 times.

Frost did a good job. a 50 yarder and one that landed inside the 20. Can't ask for much more.

Finally, no injuries. We live to play another game. Next up, we go to Detroilet to play the Lions.


J. Gravelle said...

The thing is, I'd rather be strapped to a chair between Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann listening to them rant about the GOP for three hours than to ever, ever, evvvvverrrrrr hear Tony Friggin' Kornholer say another word about Brett Favre.

Aside from that though, I mean... woo hoo!


Jimi5150 said...

No kidding. I've come to like the trio, but it took a while. Them aside, though, if I have to listen all season to Brett Favre talk during the Packer games, I'm gonna go Gordon Ramsey on someone.