Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin's first week

What we "have" on Sarah thus far:

Troopergate (turns out it's legitimate)

Babygate (Lies)

Her pregnant daughter and abstinence (Smear tactic)

DUI her husband received 20 years ago (smear tactic)

Her association with Independent party 20 years ago (Non-issue)

Raised taxes as Mayor (Watching after her city at the time)

"Paper thin" resume (Not compared to Obama)

The vetting process (Reaching)

What am I missing?


Jerimiah Wright (known associate)

The Weather Underground (known association with terrorist group)

Voting record on abortion (known)

Rezko dealing (known)

Ties with communist party when younger (known, perhaps not relevant)

Paper thin resume . . . for president. (debatable by some, but no actual executive experience).

Seriously. Which "dirt" is more substantive?

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