Sunday, September 14, 2008

Packers vs Lions

Wow. What a difference a minute can make.

No matter how hard core nuts you are about Favre, you have to be impressed with Rodgers. He played extremely well today. Accurate. Composed.

Credit the Lions for making it a bit of a game there . . . for a minute. I blame McCarthy for much of the stagnant third quarter. No question the Lions had made some adjustments. But, the conservative play calling was all Mike.

What I liked about Aaron's performance is how well he spread the ball around. He hit 7 different receivers including a touchdown to the rookie Gordy Nelson. Nice.

Defense played well. We held the Lions to 49 yards rushing. We let Johnson get away from us a couple of times. Over all, though, holding the Lions to 25 points isn't bad. 5 sacks. Two by AJ.

Kampman, KGB. AJ, Barnette. It's going to be a broken record.

Obviously, Woodson made up for the blown coverage. Though, you can't win them all.

The Bears and Vikings both lost after being up in their games. This puts the Pack solely in first place.

Cowboys are next.

UPDATE: Rodgers is number 4 this week with passing yards. Jennings, number one!

(So far)

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