Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reasoning with lemmings

A few thoughts on the campaign.

First, it's interesting that the left continues to go after Palin's experience. Though, it has quieted some. Mostly as it's backfiring. More to the point, why are we comparing the left's PRESIDENTIAL candidate to the right's VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate? They can't go head to head with McCain as he has 5 times (or so) the tenure Obama does.

Then there are all the lies. The baby, the pictures, the book banning, cutting funding, etc. The left is awfully quick to jump on claims with no fact checking. I'm often late on some of my opinions. This is why. Be it on the right or left, I find it a good idea to let a day or so pass while actual facts present themselves.

Recently, lefty bloggers have been on about specific issues during Palin's watch and how they're in direct opposition to her stance. Thus making her a liar. This makes me laugh. First, they all spin the truth. Obama's speech was no more truthful than was McCain's. But, that's not the point. Again, they all either stretch the truth or conveniently omit certain facts.

For example, Doyle used his veto powers to craft a budget more in line with what the republicans wanted some months ago. Does that mean he's turning tighty righty? Of course not. Could a lefty use that against him? Sure. Would it be fair? No. Well, yes in that any slam on Jim let-me-say-one-thing-then-turn-around-and-do-something-else would be fine with me.

You get the point.

Which is, we all allow "fudging" by our candidate. We can harp on about this or that and the other side simply won't care. Then the hypocrisy charges fly and blah blah blah blah blah.

Fact is, I like McCain/Palin. They are in line with my political leanings. McCain is not quite conservative enough, Palin a little too much so. There's a good balance for me. The other fact, Obama and Biden are liberals. There are a scant few things we're going to see eye to eye on.

For all the ragging about Palin's record, past, and experience, here's a news flash . . . VP's don't draft legislation. Oh, and the whole "heart beat away" thing . . . president's don't draft legislation. They can suggest, sign, and veto. That's about it.

Which isn't to say the president and vice president don't affect how the country is run. They do. But, whether you want to believe Palin was a "tax and spender" as Mayor or not, it in a way, doesn't make any difference. She signed on with some promises to help govern a particular way. That "way" is in line with conservative republicans. The past isn't meaningless. But I find it interesting that the left will harp on about her "record" then turn around and say she doesn't have the experience to be VP.

Wouldn't that mean she doesn't have much of a record to go on?

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