Sunday, September 28, 2008

Packers vs Buccaneers


I should just stop right there, but like picking a scab I can't help myself.

They should have won. I don't like to take away from another team, the coaches, and the scheme. But the Packers should have won this game. For the first time this season, they looked bad . . . on various levels.

First, two of Aaron's interceptions were not his fault. Over all, I thought he played pretty well . . . at least as much as McCarthy allowed him to play! Which is my biggest gripe . . . what was with the play calling?!?! This was the most aggravating game so far. What happened to rotating Grant and Jackson? Grant looked lost. He couldn't have found open field in Nebraska.

Thankfully, the defense played pretty well. Still, when the ball comes your way, you have to make the catch. Williams held his own.

Penalties. The day will come when there's a backlash against bad calls. We're close this year. I don't know what to do about it, though.

Anyway, I blame this loss on McCarthy. His insistence on running on EVERY first down was aggravating. Plus, his insistence on running plays that weren't working . . . at all . . . was stupid. I'll be interested to read his post game press conference.

The biggest thing, though, Aaron might have suffered a separated shoulder. Since he seemed to play after it happened, it may not be too bad. There are degrees. Hopefully, there are no tears. Still, I can't imagine he'll start next week. They host the Falcons. While a very win-able game, they need Rodgers.

Now, don't even start with the "made of glass" stuff about Rodgers. I feel he's proven to be a tough guy, able to take a hit. I've seen a lot of players hit the ground the way he did and wind up with the same injury. I think the fact that he played on with what had to have been considerable pain is testament to his toughness.

A hard loss, no question. When I feel aggravated like this, I turn to the other games and consider . . . better than being a Cowboys fan.

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