Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AJ Hawk the reason Packers won?

The Packers anhialating the Bears raises some questions about the team. The Vikings ran all over us, we couldn't generate any offense, and we lost the game. Are the Bears that much different from the VIkings?

One thing that's different is that Hawk played middle linebacker for the Bears game. Chillar took his outside position. This worked out very well. First, Hawk might be better in the middle as he's a smart player, a sure tackler, and great against the run. His weakness has always been coverage. Chillar is faster, thus better at coverage. He played a great game. Though, we wasn't going up against a Whitton or Gonzales.

This is no knock on Barnett. But, it will be interesting to see how the defense plays the rest of the season now that Nick is out.

Middle linebacker controversy?


Anonymous said...

Granted, it was only one game but I thought Hawk looked better than Barnett has all year. I thought when they drafted Hawk they would put him in the middle with Barnett going to the outside.

Could be an interesting camp next year depending on how Hawk plays the rest of the year.

Jimi5150 said...

Absolutely. Hawk has a better head for the game. Intense, too. Very Singletary, like.

Curt said...

It was great to see. Barnett has a good feel for the game, always gets to the hole....unfortunately he tackles like a girl, and while he is in possition most of the time, he never blows anyone up, just tackles them 3 yards after an actual linebacker would.