Saturday, November 22, 2008

Remember Sensurround?

I noticed Midway is playing on AMC this afternoon. Good movie. I remember seeing it in the theater. It was billed using Sensurround technology. Remember that? Essentially, specially designed sub-woofers that allows theater goers to feel the sound, as well as hear it. Pretty cool . . . at the time. Nothing new to anyone who had attended rock concerts.

The technology was refined after some problems with the sound level and some fears of structural damage due to the low frequency, but the effect of feeling the sound remained.

Years ago, my wife and I decided to redo our basement. Specifically for movie watching. We bought the big TV, and I had the surround audio system. But, I didn't have a sub woofer at first. While the wife was all for a nice TV, she didn't see much use for a sub woofer. So, I waited. I wanted that feel the sound experience one got in a theater.

It took a few years but eventually bought one. A 12" Klipsch. It was on sale and there was a rebate being offered. I set it up, and we rented a movie. I remember it well . . . The Hunt for Red October. The low frequency tones when in the sub and during torpedo launches made having the sub woofer obvious. The wife wondered why we waited so long to get it.

Over the years I've changed out components, but the sub woofer remains. If you want to get any where near close to the Sensurround feeling of 1974, you gotta have it.

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The Chad said...

I think Klipsch is German for "damn good audio equipment"