Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lori Drew vs Megan Meier

The cyber-bullying case of the year is in the hands of the jury. Both sides have presented their case and the jury will deliberate today. Here's a good article summarizing things:

Prosecution: Lori Drew Schemed to Humiliate Teen Girl

The judge could still throw the case out, which seems weird.

RIP Megan. Your death has already changed online laws. Hers to hoping Lori get hers.

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Ben Wright said...

Lori Drew's case is about cyberbullying, which is behavior for which society has little tolerance. Cyberbullying is poison for anyone it touches. An institution like a library or a school, which provides patrons, students or guests access to the Internet, has plentiful incentive to stamp out cyberbullying within its PCs. --Ben