Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ain't gonna play nice

Fact is, what ever shit happens locally and nationally, will affect me. So, there's a large part of me that desires things go well for the country and the state. We're all in this together, so to speak, and we should all hope the same. It's in our best interest.

The problem with that, though, is those who represent us aren't acting in our best interest. Politics has become a platform for special interest, minority groups, and self importance. I'm all too willing to go along with the majority, but only if we're all given a fair chance. We're not. I have two issues with this election.

One. It was bought. Forget about everything else . . . and there's a lot . . . Obama bought this election. 600 million? That's gross. It's beyond excessive. One could argue, why not? If people are supportive of a candidate and donate more money, what's the issue? Principal, for one. It means elections can be bought by the more powerful special interest groups. Elections shouldn't be about the rich getting their candidate elected every time. Elections should be about the people deciding, not special interests.

Two. The press helped Obama win. McCain never had a chance with the press.

No question, McCain's campaign wasn't strong. Parts of it stunk. Plus, he wasn't the ideal Republican candidate. In fact, it still amazes me he received the nomination over the other Republicans. So, take the two issues I have with this election out of it and I still think Obama would have won. The "Change" platform served Billy Clinton well. Stands to reason it would work again. Particularly with an unpopular president. Of course, no really knew what the change was. There was a scant record to go on, when he did decide to show up an vote. How the change platform came about is anyone's guess as Obama was more about the status quo in his districts than he was about change. What did it mean? Mostly that he wasn't Bush. But, now that he's president, what does it mean? What is this change?

Here's the thing. Ok, he won. Great. First black president. Kudos. Really. I have to be honest, I care little that he's black and more that he has crazy ideas. Actually, that Pelosi and her ilk have crazy ideas that Obama will simply rubber stamp.

But, let's see what this "change" is. He's made some way out there sort of campaign promises. Let's see what happens.

But, be nice? Forget it. As a Republican I put up with the vile, hate, ridicule, directed toward GW Bush and some in his administration. Even Dennis Miller said we need to stop the hate, Fuck that. Let's see how much fun it will be to be continually lobbing the ridicule, the condemnation, the he's an idiot barbs and comments Obamas way. Let's see how he handles it, and let see how the bloggers handle it.

Point is . . . he's under a microscope now. Everything he says, and does is out there for fair review and critique. And it will be. As will be the other members of congress. We can start with what he's promised and what he'll eventually deliver on.

So, have at it Obama. The whole world is watching. Particularly me. And I ain't gonna be nice about it.

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