Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Final election thoughts part 2

One thing to think about . . .

In spite of the huge push by ACORN, by musicians, by hollywood, by the press, and in spite of a very unpopular president, an ongoing unpopular war, and bad economy, McCain and Palin were close. Percentage wise, democrats did better than republicans and that was the difference.

I've read where some believe McCain lost with his pick of Palin. Of course, this comes from lefty bloggers who seem to understand little of how the right thinks and operates. Let's say John picks Leiberman, or Pawlenty. Do you really think he would have done as well as he did? Do you think Joe or Tim would have been drawing those crowds? Uh, no. Not even close.

Of course, for the left that just means we're all stupid, gun tottin' bible thumpers if we think Palin was a good choice for VP. I say it shows your ignorance and inability to get past the lemming talk of the left. Believe what the news tells you, little lemmings. Don't have independent thought!

One blogger wrote that the next republican candidate cannot win if he/she doesn't embrace climate change. Wow. That gets double retard points. First, as a collective, we question whether man creates the seasons. Second, as a collective, we recognize that even if there's the possibility of the chance that maybe man causes . . . seasons . . . that it's not up to the US, ALONE, to do something about it. Lastly, as a collective, even if there is the possibility . . . you get it . . . there's a smart way to go about emission reduction. It's not cap and trade. It's not carbon play money. It's not fluorescent light bulb mandates.

Besides, does anyone really believe in man made seasons anymore? It's been so thoroughly debunked, the models flawed, the consensus not, and new reports saying it ain't so, that I figured the only one carping about it anymore was Gore. Much to most people's amusement. The most accurate of readings . . . satellites from above and robot probes in the oceans, have completely obliterated model suggestions.

Believing in man made seasons, to me, is akin to believing in the embryonic stem cell research hype.

Uh oh.

Despite the promise of "change", an unpopular president, a war, a tanking economy, huge push for democratic turn out, and a biased media, McCain did pretty good.

I feel pretty good.


The Chad said...


Double retard points!!!


Jimi5150 said...

Cashing in?

The Chad said...

Hell yeah I'm cashing in!!

what do I get?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm one of those republicans who believes Sarah Palin was the idiot choice of the year. I was so insulted by the choice - she's Hillary in Republican clothes - power hungry just for the sake of wanting power, except she's way prettier and much, much less knowledgable about national issues. She didn't even seem too concerned about learning them, either, just relied a lot on her looks and her winks. That attitude might work for high school and beauty contests, but it's not what I want in someone who's going to represent my country! I can say I was disappointed the Republicans didn't have it together enough to win the white house, but I am very relieved this woman is not going to be sitting through any political dinners saying stupid things and making a laughingstock of herself in the national news. I hope she's had her fifteen minutes of fame and goes away, far, far away.

Jean M
Oak Creek

The Chad said...

As opposed to Joe Biden, or The Chosen one when he doesn't have his teleprompter around?

Palin energized the base who were otherwise unlikely to show up to vote with the selection of Mccain as the Republican candidate.

I firmly believe that Palin was painted to be an idiot in both the MSM and the cultural outlets like SNL, and is much more intelligent than her critics are willing to give her credit for.

Shrillary is merely a power-hungry politican, while Palin sincerely wants to work for the people.

Jimi5150 said...

I understand. But, you're in the minority. Plus, given the mountain McCain had to climb, she was a better choice than most . . . in terms of winning. Not in terms of who was the best to fill the position, I admit. Still, I simply cannot believe she's stupid. Given how bumbling Biden was during many of his interviews I do believe Sarah was raked over the coals by the press. She made some mistakes, no question. But, comparing her to Hillary is a stretch. For me, anyway. There's nothing to suggest she's power hungry. Unless you want to believe the anonymous smearing going on right now. I don't. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin didn't need any help looking like an idiot. True, she was very energizing, at first, but she said so very little of substance - and no, you just can't blame that on her "handlers" or the media - that you can't help but come to any other conclusion that there isn't anything there. Ambitious, yes, smart, maybe in a street-sense kind of way, but I stand by my belief that she's nothing more than a power hungry wannabe and way, way too divisive to be any good for the country, let alone for the Republicans. I haven't seen anything that she's done that's about the people. I got friends in Alaska - real conservative, but more libertarian than republican - who think she's one of the worse governors they ever had. They like her personally (in Alaska everybody tends to know everybody else) but they think as a governor, she's definitely not that great. Too insistent on her own way, too dependent on advice from unqualified people - mostly friends and relatives put in positions they aren't qualified to do - and they say you can't count on her not to change her mind if it suits her future career better. I take some of that with a grain of salt, but some of it really is common knowledge. You can find lots of news articles in Alaska - printed way before she got the VP pick - about a lot of weird stuff she's said and done, some of it completely opposite what she promised, or what she said during the campaign.

Hillary is a power-hungry shrew, I agree; Sarah's not a shrew, yet, but she's definitely power hungry. But Hillary (and I really do NOT like Hillary) at least knows her stuff. I don't agree with her opinions, and I think she's a real hypocrite about a lot of stuff, but she has the background knowledge. Sarah can barely answer open-ended questions, and she relies on girlish giggling, winking, waving, and name-calling instead of showing that she knows anything about anything. Like I said, she reminds me of the airhead cheerleader in high school - she could learn if she wanted to, but she'd rather use her energy being gossipy and mean or cute and excited, whichever gets her what she wants.

Those aren't leadership qualities. She's got a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of learning to do before she deserves the limelight she's getting. And Hillary - her to. Go away, far away.

Jean M
Oak Creek

Jimi5150 said...

Anecdotal evidence is always a good indicator of things. Hard to disagree with you. I remember having friends in Minnesota during the Jessie years. The reports from them were consistent . . . he was an idiot.
I agree with you about Hillary. Of the bunch, she might have made the best candidate. Yikes. What does that say?

Anyway, I like Pawlenty, Jindahl, and Huckabee for 2012. I could get behind Romney, but he wouldn't be my first choice. As for Sarah, again, I agree. She has some growing to do.

Thanks for the insight!

Curt said...

It is unanimous in my family. Palin was at least a reason to turn out. McCain is pure dreck, and something is seriously wrong with our primary system if that is the best we could do. Palin is more than smart enough to be president. Never figured it was a job for a rocket scientist anyway. It is a job for a leader and for someone with a vision and an actual moral center. Which is why I thought the right was wrong on bring up Obama's lack of experience. Don't think there is any experience that prepares you to be president. Heck the best president I can think of would be my Dad. He is tough as nails, and has a very refined sense of right and wrong. I'll take that over a Ivy league education any day. On the flip side, could never figure out how the left could argue with a straight face that Palin didn't have enough experience to be VP, when their Presidential candidate had a small fraction of her resume.