Thursday, November 06, 2008

Whaddaya mean, not the Messiah?!

Anticipation was high, and now so is expectation. So much so, face-lifted Pelosi has to issue statements telling everyone that "change" may come slowly. And that people should be patient. Of the expectations . . .

Alderman in Chicago are expecting cash. Money for their districts.

Supporters and money raisers in Pennsylvania are waiting to see how they will benefit. Posibly as part of his administration.

African communities believe they will prosper as a result of Barack becoming President.

Even on an individual level, many believe Obama will help them prosper., and other far left demoncrats, will surely pressure Pelosi to pressure Obama to govern in a manner they see fit.

All the while, moderate democrats and republicans and others with brains will do what they can to buffer any bold moves.

The Whole World's Watching, Obama.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Anonymous said...

Get a life already! What a sore loser

Jimi5150 said...

Real concerns for our new President and I'm told to get a life.

Personally, I think it's the lack of a life in many others that helped Obama win.

But, sore loser? Nope. I'm disappointed more that Obama won than McCain lost. Follow?

Anonymous said...

I felt the same when Bush won a 2nd term. Too many people swallowing his Kool-Aid, not enough people thinking like human beings... but then again the choice then wasn't much of one. Funny you should think that way this time around, but it's hard to feel sorry for the numnuts who gave us a team like Bush and Cheney.

Keep an eye on Obama, by all means, but don't blame the mess we're in on him. Bush's legacy will last a VERY long time, and if he has his way with all the proposals he's trying to ram through right now, the damages may be permament. We're lucky we have a country at all right now.

Jimi5150 said...

Ah. Just what I predicted a couple of posts down. The Bush bashing and blaming will go on and on. Funny how libs aren't willing to look at the Clinton years for some of the mess we're in.

I admit, the Bush years, particularly Congress, failed. I'm happy to see the country, at least, try and go in a new direction. If anything, Obama will be the catalyst for conservative change. Whether we feel the need to make a change again in two or four years . . . who knows? Maybe not.

But, Obama has a real opportunity to make change and erase the Bush damage. Pelosi is right is asking for patience. I understand that. But the direction he takes in the first 100 days will help determine if he really has the ability . . . or wants to make change. Or if he'll bow to the moveon crowd. Blame Bush if you want, but there'll be obvious things Obama can do, and not do, to put the country in a new direction.

Lastly, no. I don't blame Obama for the mess we're in right now. Not fully, anyway. He was in the Senate, after all.

Chicago, on the other hand.

Anonymous said...

Call it Bush bashing if you want, but I do blame him and his administration for the Iraq War, for the reinvention of the Constitution (erosion of guaranteed freedoms and the balance of powers), and for the debt that is contributing to the economy crisis we are now in. If he rams through his lame duck policies, he absolutely deserves credit for the resulting damages and the expense it will take to fix the problems created.

Clinton has his share to carry, as does the previous Bush, and I could lay a lot at Reagan's feet. But this Bush single-handedly ran up the national debt to where it is today. Yes, he deserves the blame for that.

Congress did fail to stop Bush's agenda, but let's face facts - they were presented with a fear-based agenda riddled with deceptive information, and BOTH parties were of a mind to not play well with each other, an attitude greatly fostered by the Bush administration.

Jimi5150 said...

I could nit pick about the war, but I won't. For the most part, no argument here.

But . . .

You knew there had to be one . . .

Bush can't ram anything through without consent of Congress. You should hope Nanc has more balls than what she's shown already. If things do go badly, this Congress, mostly dems, can take much of the blame.