Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Packers vs Saints - 2

In Loving Memory,

The Packers playoff chances, 9/07/2008 - 11/24/2008
On Monday night, 11/24/2008, the Green Bay Packer playoff chances were laid to rest. After a long struggle in the first half battling a strange black and gold virus, the disease metastasized and the Packers finally succummed to loss in the third quarter. With no defense to fight the virus, the black and gold disease swept through the defense eventually infecting the offense causing loss. The Packers fell 51 to 29 in what may be it's last breath for a division title, and a spot in the playoffs.

The Packers are survived by 3 Superbowl titles, 8 conference titles and 14 division titles. Visitation is open to everyone at the Packer Hall of Fame, and at packers.com. For those seeking further solace, go to newyorkjets.com.


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