Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paul Ryan to run for President!

WI republican representative, Paul Ryan, announced today his intention on running for President in 2012. In an exclusive interview granted only to this blog site, Ryan was quick to point out his staunch fiscal conservative views as reason and justification for starting his campaign.

"People need to know there's someone looking out for them." Ryan said.

When asked about his stance on the bailout, Ryan had this to say: "I was against the bailout, before I was for it."

Other topics of discussion included education, foreign policy, and the environment. One area he breaks with the republicans is in the area of concealed carry.

"I don't think we want to become a "wild west" society. Ryan said. "While I feel people have a right to defend themselves against bad guys, tasers is a much safer, yet effective means by which we can keep ourselves safe." Ryan pointed out the excellent track record tasers have in law enforcement. He added that tasers answer the problem of morality when dealing with aggressors.

"I'm a bible-thumper. I can't say that I'm willing to pull the trigger of a gun on a perp. But, I can sure keep him flopping on the ground like a fish out of water until the police arrive!"

Ryan intends to introduce legislation that will make tasers legal for anyone to own and carry.

When we finished our interview, Ryan climbed in to his SUV to go home. I teased him that he should be more concerned about the environment and ride a bike instead. Ryan countered: "Are you kidding? Bikes are for weenies!"


Der Eiserne Kanzler said...

I am very happy to read your blog. It reminds me of just how many uncreative, boring, and abject failures there are in this world. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

you HAVE TO RUN Mr. RYAN!!! PLEASE DO!! & Look out for us Doctors!