Thursday, November 13, 2008

Packers vs Vikings

A 52 yard field away from winning. Doesn't matter who the kicker is, that's not a high percentage kick. It was close. Within 2 yards. But, as we know, close only counts with dirty bombs, horse shoes, and silent but deadlies. Sure, Crosby should have made the kick. More than that, though, McCarthy should have put his Magic 8 Ball away and called some real plays. How about that running game, Mike? Maybe you should do something to slow that rush, Mike. Rodgers was hit more often than Paris Hilton, pressured more than Kirstie Ally on a new diet plan. Rodgers was the side beef for the front four Balboa's of the Viqueens. What happened? In the first game we didn't hear Allen's name at all. This game, his name was called more than Lindsay Lohan's at the clinic. If you were like me, you'd be smart and wonderful, and you'd be wondering where the defense went. Some where along the way the defense had a Southwest Airlines moment. You know, "want to get away?" Well, they did go away. Some place in their minds quiet and warm. Not purple. The defensive line needed some Tim Allen strength gap spackle mixed in with a little Emeril BAM! Instead, they were playing a bad game of Red Rover with Petersen. Mean while, Nick Barnett is wearing a t shirt that reads: I Went to the Metrodome and all I Got Was his Lousy Torn ACL". Out for the season. Great. The sieve sprung a leak.

It makes sense.

One good thing, we can finally lay to rest the China Doll stuff about Rodgers. I'll see your broken pinky and raise you a separated shoulder. I win. Rodgers is the man.

In the end, I blame this one on McCarthy. A coach is supposed to study films of the other teams. Learn it's strengths. Exploit it's weaknesses. Hey, Mike . . . we're the team in green and gold.

Still, in spite of Petersen gaining almost 200 yards, we were 6 feet away from winning. In any other game, a team would win 52 to nothing with that kind of stat. Let's face it, Frerotte blows. He blows chunks. We can thank him for keeping the game as close as it was.

Still, I'm throwing away my purple crayons.

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