Thursday, November 06, 2008

Made me laugh out loud

And I'm at work!

Anyway, sometimes it doesn't take much. The AsianBadger has a post . . . I don't even know what it's about . . . where he uses the word . . .


Oh, man. That made my morning.

Now I'll go back and read it.


still Unreal... said...

i read that just before heading over here, and i though i was the only one cleaning up the coffee i sprayed on my computer.
"assnozzles" will definately make it into my everyday lexicon.

The Asian Badger said...

Been using that word for years. You never heard it because you are't one.

Hope the computer still works.
Glad I made you laugh.
Glad your daughter looks like her mom.

The Asian Badger said...

Errrr.."that's you aren't one."

I blame Obama.