Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Doughnut Holes

I paid 2.19 for gas this morning. Amazing. I think Belling said we would never see gas under $3 again. Oops.

Winter is on the way. Bummer.

Going home in the dark is so much different than when it's light out. I get home. I put my comfies on.

I watched a part of the Thursday night game on my computer. Stupid Browns. I'm already a pick down in the pool.

It's Friday! No plans! The wife is going out so I get to spend the night with my girlie. Hmm. Maybe if the wife has a few . . .


Nick's taking a vacation from blogging. A month, he says. Yeah right. First article he sees about tasers and he'll be furiously typing away.

This past Tuesday, Drinking Right assembled again. The Papa's election was held and, do do do dooooo! Fred won!! Fred, ever the orator, said this in his acceptance speech:

"Thanks. I'm leaving."


Party hat guy was no where to be found. Likely his girl friend wouldn't let him go out and play.

Ally closed up shop . . . again. Busy girl.

Flyboy continues to insult me. I never noticed how short he was.

Milwaukee was one of the cities featured on Speeders last night. The cop stopped two kids from Chicago. Ha!

Gus Frerotte starts for the VIkings. Hope he brings some mouthwash. He's gonna be eating a lot of dirt.

Have a great weekend!

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