Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Doughnut Holes

Laterna Nacht is tonight at the German Immersion school. After singing some songs, everyone marches around the school with their lanterns. It's quite a sight. Weather looks to be mild.

Brett Favre and the Jets beat the Patriots last night. I think the Pats defense is starting to get old. Their secondary sucks. Jets are on top of the division now. That draft pick for the Packers is looking better and better!

It's been said that a bailout for the auto industry is really a bailout for the union. I agree. Unless clear concessions are made and a clear business plan presented, I would not offer up anything. Let them go chapter 11.


I've said it before . . . maybe Obama will govern from the middle. I doubt it. Not because he may not want to but the pressure from Pelosi and the rest of Jurassic park, and the MoveOn crowd, will just be too great. Here in Wisconsin, we are royally screwed. As the king of blow holes, K-Man, put it, these people are too stupid to realize they're stupid. The dems, that is. The initiatives that are about to be pushed through will be staggering.

This is funny:

Anyone know what happened to Dan Diebert and the Dan and Nicole show?

I won last week's football picking challenge over at Ick's Corner. Please, please . . . get up. No need to bow.

J Gravelle must have annoyed the folks over at the UrinalSentinal so much and for so long that they gave him a community columnist job to get him to shut up already. Obviously he couldn't have paid anyone off judging by his $29 Sam's Club sport coats he wears. Congratulations, Mr. Gravelle.

Kanye West is waaaaaaay full of himself.
I would actually disagree and say that Timberlake has done more to reinvent the male solo act than has anyone else. Plus, here's a guy who . . . uh . . . tapped Britney, Scarlett, and now Jessica Biel. Kanye can't make that claim.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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