Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Roy Jones Jr

Geez. I don't think I've ever blogged about boxing except to ridicule it in the Olympics. I used to follow it pretty closely. Of course, it used to be a respectable sport. That ended a long time ago. Ever since Lenox, cheater pants, Lewis won the heavyweight title, I've gotten away from it.

Part of the reason, as indicated by the Olympics, is that the boxers are just a bunch of thugs. No skill, no class, no personality, no tactics. Just mug and wail.

These days, the ring is an octagon and the fighters are mixed martial arts or ultimate fighters. It takes ring fighting to a whole new level. It's not for everybody. Even boxing fans. But, it has gained in popularity.

Anyway, if you were to ask me who I thought the greatest boxer is of all time, I would have difficulty choosing between Roy Jones Jr and Muhammad Ali. Jones certainly attained far more than Ali. Yet, Ali was a master craftsman in the ring. I suppose if I imagine the two of them fighting . . . all things being equal I think Jones would win.

Well, like Ali did after retirement, Jones is about to enter the ring again. This Saturday he faces super middle weight champion, 36 year old Joe Calzaghe. A boxer who has dominated the weight class for the last 10 years and wants to retire after this fight.

Never heard of him.

Jones hasn't had the best last several years losing and being knocked out by opponents. Still, he's got mad skillz and belts in four different weight categories.

Calzaghe is unbeaten in 45 fights and recently beat Bernard Hopkins, another formidable fighter.

Interestingly, this fight has no title belt. Says a lot for Jones who at one time wouldn't have considered anything less than a title fight. Whether in defense or challenge.

Who will win? I've watched clips of Joe and I think he's a good match for Roy's style of fighting. Roy can win. But, he'll need to dig deep, establish early, and use his counter punching skills like he's never used them before.

Funny. As off the charts as boxing is, this match is still pay per view. Stupid.

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