Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Almost positive for sure Brett might be absolutely gone

I watched McCarthy's press conference. A couple of thoughts.

He seemed very forthright, and I'm impressed by that. If he was faking it, he did a good job. Yes, he seemed a bit annoyed having to deal, once again, with the whole retirement thing. But, can you blame him? He's the coach. He's got 79 other players to contend with. Some as vital as Favre once was to the success of the team. They cannot be ignored. They cannot be diminished in their contributions. While I can go both ways with Favre, one thing I've maintained is that no one is above the team. If Brett is driven by his desires as a player, then McCarthy is driven by his desires to coach a winning football team.

While I'm sure he'll never admit it, this whole Favre thing must drive him nuts. Again, I can't blame him.

But, he's not to blame for anything. He's not the GM, the owner, or the team president. He doesn't own the building, run the restaurant, or cook the food. He just serves it.

While we can debate how it is we got to this point, why we got to this point, and who's fault it is, I thought Mike asked the perfect question. Is your (Brett's) mind in the right place to play for Green Bay? Absolutely perfect. I can imagine it was a very difficult question to answer given where we are. As I said, Mike has 79 other players to deal with. If Brett is on board, then he'd better be on board. I think the question really gave Brett a chance to evaluate the whole situation. What he's doing to Mike. What he's doing to Aaron. What he's doing to the team. What he's doing to himself. Expectations would be extremely high with his return. I know there are many who blindly believe that Brett would take us to Zion and beyond. For others, he'd be under a HUGE microscope. The press would be brutal. With every loss, every interception, every fumble, questions would arise.

I feel mistakes were made on both sides. What drives me nuts is that people think Brett is god yet think Ted is shit. That's simply not consistent. I think it was wrong for Brett to think he could simply walk back in as if nothing happened, I think it was wrong for Brett to continuously use releases to Mortensen instead of speaking himself, and I think it was wrong for Brett to draw a line in the sand. As for Ted, I think he spoke of things too soon without fully evaluating the situation. I really don't blame the Packers for not wanting Brett back. I believe they believe they need to move on and have worked hard in that direction.

Would they be better off with Brett? I don't care what anyone says. It's all speculation. I don't know. No one knows for sure. And it looks like we'll never know.

What I do know . . . I wish Brett well. I highly doubt he'll take whatever team he plays for to the Superbowl. I do hope he has a good season and stays unhurt. I wish the same for Aaron. While I love Brett, I'm a Packer fan first.

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Mary said...

Well said, Jimi.

I find myself in the same place.

I'm a Packer fan first.