Monday, August 04, 2008

Speaking of parenting

I'm not a big fan of laws that try to protect us from ourselves. Not only don't I need the government telling me what to do, I think most of us are smart enough to know how best to take care of ourself. Now, I know that isn't plainly obvious on many, many occasions. There exists plenty of evidence to the contrary. Well, I consider that thinning the herd.

I am in favor of laws that help protect kids from moron parents. Now, again, I know you can't force someone to use common sense. Be there laws or not, many people will simply going on being stupid.

Many Milwaukee kids improperly restrained in vehicles

One thing laws do, though, is allow for punishing those who are too stupid to take measures to protect their own children. Here's the thing, if I want to launch myself through the windshield of my car I should have the right to do so. But, as a parent, I make that decision for my child. A child who, up to a certain age, can't be held responsible to make an informed decision about various actions with regard to their safety. A child has no chance in an accident.

Nationally, car crashes are the leading cause of death of children over age 3.

I agree awareness should be increased. I know it might be counter productive to fine those who can't afford a car seat for their child, but this is one of those things, as I mentioned in my previous post, is something a parent needs to take responsibility for.

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