Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ya THINK?!?!

So, I go to JSonline this morning and see this headline:

Families that steal together have skewed values

This guy can't even get a headline right. How about:

Family of lowlife dirtbags prey on the helpless


Dirtbag family too stupid to continue life of crime

Skewed? There lies part of the problem. When you've got a family of assbags deciding to prey on the helpless elderly, you don't call it skewed. You call it reprehensible, cowardly, twisted . . . criminal, anything but skewed. Skewed is meat on a stick. Values? That's also part of the problem. What values? Then there's this:

It's not necessarily surprising to see families bonding through criminal behavior. Lots of traditional organized crime in America has featured family relationships. What else was "The Sopranos" about, anyway?

Oh yeah, those family bonds. Strong. Unbreakable.

Until they get caught.

Plus, to make comparisons to a TV SHOW is just, and I try to be nice, LAME. Maybe you could have used a NON FICTIONAL analogy?!?

Unfortunately, what really not necessarily surprising is Kane's lack of true outrage.

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