Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packer vs Denver

I don't put a lot of stock in pre-season, but I've got a few thoughts so far.

Aaron Rodgers looks good. He's no Favre. But, he's got a good arm and is pretty accurate. He's also not made of glass which is something many people were afraid of. Looks like he'll last the season. He's taken some solid hits.

I was encouraged by yesterday's game. I thought the Packers played with a good amount of intensity on both side of the ball.

One thing is certain, though. They need to stay healthy. The Packers can ill afford too many losses to injury. Particularly on both lines.

We continue to have quite the stable of runners and receivers. We now seem to be flush with linebackers.

The kickers are doing well. A 71 yard punt? Nice.

As for the rest of the division . . . Detroit looks good. They may well win the division. The Viqueens look average. The Bears suck.
I'm really surprised Lovie and Rex are still there.

Go Pack!

BTW, The Jets face the Giants tonight. Let's see how they do with the pass rush.

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